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Single Use Video Endoscope


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The TDC series Disposable video endoscope is disposable, so you can ensure no patient cross-contamination.

Clear images on a freely movable display

For bright and sharp images, the 6.3cm colour display produces sharp, bright images with afield of view of 70 degrees, free of bling spots.  The non-reflective surface also ensures a clear view of the respiratory tract.  A swivelling monitor allows for optimal use which can easily be adapted to suit the physician's viewing angle. 

Easy and precise use

The UESCOPE video endoscope design adheres to the strictest ergonomic requirements. Weighing only 180 grams, it is extremely light and fits perfectly in the shape of your hand. 

Mobile use

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, the video endoscope can be used for 240 minutes.  That's why there is no need to bother with the troublesome cables. The waterproof and resilient design not only boasts a repeat cleaning setting, it also treats normal wear and tear over many uses.