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Queen Mary Hospital first to trial new technology
Released: 2nd April 2019


Wanchai, Hong Kong: Taiwan based medical technology company, MedicalTek in partnership with Hong Kong based FutureMed Global, has launched the world’s first and only 3D endoscope visualization system in Hong Kong, with initial cases being conducted in Queen Mary Hospital. Professor Law, Simon Ying Kit, the Division Chief in Esophageal and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery and Chair Professor in Esophageal and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, agreed to be the first surgeon in Hong Kong to use the innovative system in endoscopic procedures in Queen Mary Hospital.

Clinical research has proven that 3D visualization provides speed enhancements and patient benefits in minimally invasive surgery, by improving depth perception for surgeons. The MedicalTek MonoStereo® 3D now allows surgeons to utilize the benefits of 3D in GI, ENT, Urology, GYNAE and more, where previously no 3D imaging technology existed. “It is the first 3D image system which provides depth perception and a spatial view of anatomy; however, the 2D functions, like zooming and rotating, are reserved at the same time,” said Dr. Kai-Che Liu, the MeidcalTek CEO. “It is both Mono and Stereo. You may keep 2D, see 3D.”

The MonoStereo® surgical image breakthrough was selected as a finalist by RESI (Redefining Early Stage Investment) New York 2018 Innovation Challenge Companies and has earned positive feedback and high satisfaction among surgeons at SAGES (Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons) annual meetings. Since launching, there has been over 120 MIS surgeries conducted with MonoStereo® 3D endoscope visualization system that have been performed by hundreds of surgeons in multiple countries including France and Taiwan. The benefits of the system include:

  • Critical anatomical views in 2D and 3D and surgeons can control the level of depth perception and switch between 2D and 3D images in real time.
  • Cost effective solution for hospitals, as the MonoStereo® system upgrades existing 2D image systems to 3D, without any workflow change during the surgery or need to replace all the imaging equipment.
  • 3D imaging is especially useful for limited experience endoscopists to help master ESD procedures and is ideal for training new surgeons.