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Disinfection & Cleaning

Outbreaks of infection transmission due to contaminated flexible endoscopes have focused the attention of health care personnel, senior management, device manufacturers, and regulators on the need to improve the approach used to offer this valuable service. FutureMed offers a range of flexible endoscope enzymatic cleaning products that comply with guidance for prevention and management of infection transmission inclusive of newer sterilization and disinfection technologies. 

The goal is better outcomes and better compliance. The science delivers the ultimate in convenience, flexibility and streamlined workflow, helping clinicians increase endoscope and equipment turnovers. FutureMed offers applications for all of your manual cleaning needs, designed to breakdown, lift and remove; blood, protein, carbohydrates, biofilm, simethicone, polysaccharides, oils, fats, synthetic lipids, cellulose-based adhesives. 

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