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Delphi - HPV 16/18 Antigen Rapid Test Device - FutureMed Global Pty Ltd
Delphi - HPV 16/18 Antigen Rapid Test Device - FutureMed Global Pty Ltd

Delphi - HPV 16/18 Antigen Rapid Test Device


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How does it work?
The HPV 16/18 Antigen Rapid Test is designed to detect HPV 16/18 E6 and E7 Oncoproteins through visual interpretation of color development in the internal strip.

Self Test: Over 1 million women tested - Results received within 10 minutes

Recently, HPV-16/HPV-18 genotyping or cytological examination have been recommended to triage for immediate colposcopy in some national screening guidelines from high-income countries, offering greater sensitivity than cytological examination alone and better specificity than referring all women with HPV for colposcopy.

Overcoming loss to follow-up with immediate test results at point of care

High proportions of loss to follow-up for cervical cancer patients have been reported in low and mid range income countries, ranging between 41–69%.2,3

Delphi HPV test offers immediate results, within 10 minutes. Reducing loss to follow up and increasing efficacy in diagnosis and treatment programs


The Delphi Vaginal Self Sampler enables you to collect a fluid sample from your cervix in a simple and comfortable way, by releasing a sterile, water- based saline solution into the vagina and then drawing the liquid back into the sampler. The round top is smooth and glides easily into the vagina

The membrane is immobilized with monoclonal anti-HPV 16/18 E6 and E7 antibodies on the test region

During the test, the specimen reacts with colored monoclonal anti-HPV 16/18 E6 and E7 antibodies, colored particle conjugates, which are precoated on the sample pad of the test

The mixture is dropped onto the membrane with a dropper and interacts with reagents on the membrane

An appearance of a colored band indicates a positive result, while its absence indicates a negative result