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EVA Pro Colposcope
EVA Pro Colposcope
EVA Pro Colposcope
EVA Pro Colposcope
EVA Pro Colposcope
EVA Pro Colposcope
EVA Pro Colposcope
EVA Pro Colposcope

EVA Pro Colposcope

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A Novel Technology Redefining Cervical Examination

In the new digital era, patients have greater expectations from their cervical examination, supporting the need for new visual inspection and documentation tools.

The EVA Pro, introduces the latest digital innovation, upgrading the patient- physician experience.

The EVA Pro next gen mini colposcope is light weight and mobile , providing an outstanding image quality with superior software capabilities. This unique combination allows you to document and track the full treatment process and store it on the cloud.

  • Superior image quality - Utilizing a proprietary image guided software
  • Easy digital annotations and documentation - Unlimited web storage of images, with easy access and secure sharing capabilities
  • A healthy physician posture - Allows for a healthy posture with no need to be hunched over a colposcope
  • Educate your patients - Enhance awareness and understanding of their anatomy
  • Utilize the embedded telehealth capabilities - Share images and videos remotely with colleagues

A complete digital solution for magnified visualization and documentation

EVA Pro is the next generation colposcope in the EVA System series. The EVA Pro is used by thousands of healthcare practitioners in over 50 countries. It has been validated in multiple clinical studies where the colposcopists found it to be reliable and clinically accurate.

Designed specifically for quick training and ease of use, it is an ideal tool for a wide range of healthcare professionals.

  • Digital touch screen - Enhances the visualization experience, allowing to zoom in on images and perform the examination in a convenient manner.
  • Sophisticated software with annotation capabilities - -Save images with notes, annotate biopsies and points of interest, add clinical impressions, edit in device or on portal.
  • Built in camera with magnifying capabilities - Superior image quality
  • Hands free image capture - For optimal use


Powered by VisualCheck Artifificial Intelligence Technology

VisualCheck provides clinicians with an automated clinical decision support tool based on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). While not a replacement for the clinical judgment of the provider, VisualCheck is an additional support tool for a clinical assessment.

  • Results received within 60 seconds, directly at point of care
  • Can be used by a variety of healthcare professionals
  • Supporting the WHO strategic objective to eliminate cervical cancer by 2030

"AI is the future of women's health and I am a great believer in its potential to revolutionize cervical cancer prevention"

Paul Blumenthal, M.D, Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Stanford University.